Many people have assisted in the preparation of this Project. But, of course, as the author and coordinator of the Abstract Project, I feel responsible for any shortcomings. I would like to give special thanks to a group of enthusiastic Ph.D. students of the Jagiellonian University – representatives of a variety of research fields and members of my English course – without whom this website would have never been created. I am particularly grateful to those who supported me after the classes were finished and worked on the Project during their holidays. Their work goes far beyond the standard requirements of an English university course.

Monika Stawicka

Jagiellonian Language Centre, Jagiellonian University

Abstract Project team members

As the project members we would like to thank all the people who contributed to the accomplishment of the Project. Our special thanks go to:

Monika Stawicka Ph.D. our English teacher for her support and coordination of the Project, patience and understanding,

Sebastian Szytuła and Przemysław Tymczyszyn, experts in IT field from the Jagiellonian University Website Team, for guiding us when we created our webpage,

Dariusz Kasprzycki Ph.D. from Intellectual Property Law Institute, Jagiellonian University for his legal advice,

Guy Torr from the Jagiellonian Language Centre, Jagiellonian University for thorough reading of the repertoire of useful phrases,

Monika Coghen, Ph.D. from English Philology Department, Jagiellonian University and Sabina Potaczek-Jasionowicz, freelance translator and editor, for their supportive suggestions and reading the texts,

Jerzy Zając for his professional help in the recording studio.

The Project members are particularly grateful to the University academic teachers and researchers who kindly agreed to take part in the Project interviews and gave us their valuable suggestions:

Prof. Andrzej Mania

Prof. Paweł Moskal

Prof. John Nezlek

Prof. January Weiner

Prof. Remigiusz Sapa

Prof. Roman Batko

Prof. Dorota Pietrzyk-Reeves

The words of gratitude go also to all of those not mentioned here by their names who supported us in our work and believed in a successful accomplishment of the Project.

Krakow, July 2012.