Project team self-assessment

Bright sides:

  • we learnt how to create/edit a website
  • we learnt how to do interviews in English
  • we improved our English skills
  • we got "abstractology" knowledge
  • we learnt words and phrases useful in writing abstracts
  • searching through abstract databases in the Internet
  • got new information about intellectual property law
  • co-operation skills
  • online work
  • we learnt how to work in a group
  • we realised that group work is not easy


  • we didn't know each other before the project
  • we had a problem with cooperation
  • it was innovate form of learning
  • not equal engagement of people in two groups
  • problems with communication between two groups
  • we didn't feel responsible enough for the project
  • a lack of knowledge about intellectual property
  • we didn't know how to create website
  • no access to sufficient number of computers (only two University computers were available; sometimes personal computers were brought to the class)
  • we didn't have enough time for project realisation
  • problems with fixing the dates for the interviews
  • no feedback from potential interviewers
  • not all the articles had the DOI numbers